Sunday, October 25

Ketchup Fried Rice with Omelet

This is a dish that always reminds me of my childhood with my grandma.  When I was very young, I found out that grandma can turn a Fried Rice into this delicious dish, Then, I’d ask her to cook this dish as a special treat for us whenever she came to visit us.  Though she is a vegetarian, but she would cook this dish with meat and vegetables to make it a nutrition-balanced dish for us.  Best of all, grandma always cooked it with the right taste and made it look so professional.
After I have my own family, I try to replicate how she did this dish in the past, and learn to make this special dish for my family.  They always appreciate it when I present it with a “Happy Face”.
Fried Rice Ingredients: Please refer to Egg Fried Rice with Sausage (Tip 1) reduce to 3 cups rice for 2 servings.

1. Follow the directions in Egg Fried Rice, except leaving the eggs out.  When meat and vegetable are cooked and mixed, add 3 tablespoons ketchup and 1 teaspoon sugar, mix well.  Reduce the heat to low, add rice and salt to taste.  Mix well and remove the Ketchup Fried Rice.

2.  2 to 3 eggs can be used for 2 servings.  Beat eggs and add 2 teaspoons wet cornstarch (mixing with 1-1/2 tablespoon water).
3. Clean and dry the wok.  Heat up 1 tablespoon oil in wok to high, tilt the wok to let oil cover a circular area about 25-30 cm in diameter.  When the wok is very hot (Tip 2), remove excess oil, reduce the heat to low, pour half of the egg mixture into wok and start tilting the wok, so the egg mixture will form a circular egg sheet at bottom of wok.  When egg sheet is almost become solid, use a cereal bowl to take half of the Ketchup Fried Rice, carefully flip the bowl, let the rice fall out onto the egg sheet and form a dome shape.  

Use spatula to loosen the edge of egg sheet and fold the siding inward to cover the rice.  Flip a plate upside down to cover the rice and omelet.  With one hand holding the plate and the other hand holding the wok, flip the plate and wok upside down at the same time.  Give the plate a little twist, now the fried rice and omelet should easily fall onto the plate.
4. Use ketchup to draw a happy face for the diner or let the diner to design what they like showing on the omelet.  This can be a fun meal.  Serve a soup at the side will make this a complete and delicious meal.

Tip 1: Kernel corn, green onion, shrimp or meat can all be used or substituted with in the fried rice.
Tip 2: Make sure the wok is very hot before pouring in the egg mixture, this will ensure the egg sheet won’t stick to the wok when it’s flipped over.

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